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Lighting solution provides maximum safety for NATO Tunnel, Brussels

Energy efficient solution provides excellent visibility and visual comfort for motorists

Lighting solution provides maximum safety for NATO Tunnel, Brussels

09/07/2013, Project News

With the construction of the new NATO headquarters and increasing businesses in the area, the local authorities in Brussels undertook major road works to improve mobility and accessibility. One of the most important features was the NATO tunnel, a strategic 2 x 2 lane tunnel for non-local traffic to bypass the busy area.

Schréder provided a complete and sustainable lighting solution to ensure safety and excellent visual comfort for all motorists while reducing maintenance closures.

Given the heavy traffic density in the area, a robust luminaire with superior photometric efficiency was essential. The AT-T was selected. Equipped with the latest generation T5 fluorescent lamps (49W), they not only provide a white light but also offer high efficiency, low energy consumption and a long life.
AF4 luminaires were installed for the reinforcement lighting to fortify the white light while maximising visual comfort. BJ marker lights were installed along the entire length of the tunnel. Permanently illuminated, they clearly indicate the road and guide drivers naturally through the tunnel under normal circumstances and pedestrians in case of fire.

A safe tunnel is first and foremost a well-lit tunnel. By taking advantage of our expertise, the NATO tunnel benefits from an energy efficient solution that guarantees the correct levels of luminance to avoid any visual adaptation problems, excellent uniformity, visual comfort and visual guidance to maximise the safety and comfort of all users.

The AT-T5 diffuses a white light that improves visibility for drivers in tunnels

BJ marker lights provide guide drivers in normal circumstances and pedestrians in case of emergencies  


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