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Schréder Lighting Brings Innovation to Lightfair 2017

Schréder Lighting Brings Innovation to Lightfair 2017

04/04/2017, Corporate News | Event News | Product News

Lightfair 2017 is almost here, and Schréder Lighting is prepared to be bigger and better than ever. As the largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade fair, Lightfair’s attendees gather to see the best of today’s lighting solutions. Forward-thinking luminaires and control solutions from Schréder will be on display, exhibiting rapid ROIs, IoT integration, and future-proof design as just a few of the crowning characteristics.


Lightfair 2017 will be held from May 9th to May 11th, 2017 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, and Schréder Lighting’s innovations will be on display at booth #3549, near the Cyber Lounge and IoT Pavilion.






The highlight of Schréder’s accomplishments surely will be the multiple new LED solutions for a wide variety of applications. The new Citrine is compact enough to safely illuminate city sidewalks while maintaining a low profile.  Three different sizes and 2 lens options ensure that the Citrine is equally appropriate for parking lots and bike paths. This year, Citrine will be just one of several completely new LED introductions from Schréder.  



The next evolution of the revolutionary SmartLume family will also be on display at Lightfair 2017. With the SmartLume 4, Visitors can experience the same style and illumination as last year’s SmartLume, but in a bigger, brighter, and more efficient package. As one of Schréder’s most cost-effective lighting solutions, the SmartLume 4 boasts an accelerated return on investment while providing smart city connectivity and 40,000+ lumens, making it an ideal solution for large site and area illumination.



Visitors are also encouraged to shuffle over to booth 3549 to experience the “all-in-one” Shuffle lighting solution. The Shuffle offers total versatility with 360o rotatable modules that go beyond illumination. Electric vehicle charging, loudspeakers, wi-fi routers, CCTV cameras, and indicator light rings are a few of modules available to mix and match on the Shuffle, with each Shuffle column able to accommodate up to 5 modules at once. The Shuffle is a reaction to the increasing clutter of our outdoor spaces due to rapidly evolving technology, and its aim is to help designers and engineers create more pleasant and sleek spaces without compromise. After an exciting introduction at last year’s Lightfair, the Shuffle is positioned to be another show-stopper.

Schréder’s Owlet control systems will also be on display, fitting in perfectly next to Lightfair 2017’s all-new IoT pavilion. Owlet controls offer valuable data on energy consumption so cities and businesses may more efficiently illuminate their spaces without compromising safety. Moreover, Owlet controls fully integrate with smart city control systems.  The easy-to-use web interface allows Owlet users to program dimming schedules for any or all of their Owlet-compatible luminaires, effectively minimizing energy waste and improving sustainability.



Schréder Lighting plans to enhance the way cities, schools, and businesses illuminate their outdoor spaces. Energy-efficiency remains a top priority, and Schréder’s various lighting solutions combine sustainable engineering with a thrilling intersection of design and technology. Stop by booth #3549 at the Philadelphia Convention Center to see how Schréder creates light that inspires life.

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