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Light+Building 2016: 6 inspiring days on transforming lighting infrastructure to create your connected environments

Light+Building 2016: 6 inspiring days on transforming lighting infrastructure to create your connected environments

22/03/2016, Corporate News | Event News | LED

The bi-annual and largest trade fair in the lighting industry - Light+Building - closed its doors a few days ago in Frankfurt. This year’s event broke records, with even more professionals from architects and lighting designers to local authorities attending than ever.
Schréder was delighted to welcome many of them on its stand to discover its innovative solutions that propose connectivity, far beyond controlling light.
For whether, they manage a city centre, a motorway, an industrial hall, a tunnel, a campus or a sports stadium, Schréder has a smart solution to help them all easily enter the digital era.

The Shuffle, ideal for city centres, parks, squares and campuses, perfectly illustrated its multi-functional connectivity. This smart column can integrate up to 5 different modules incorporating features such as control systems, loudspeakers, surveillance cameras, hotspots, electrical vehicle chargers and signage.

On the stand, this connectivity was illustrated by a camera that filmed and broadcast live images of the people who sat down on a bench beside it on a TV screen. The light ring switched on to indicate that the bench was taken.
A loudspeaker in another Shuffle broadcast a message when visitors sat down beside it while another column offered guests free WiFi to catch up online.
The light ring on the Shuffle fitted with an EV charger changed colour when the charger was being used.
Visitors were delighted by the Shuffle, which can be activated by various sensors to provide important safety features and entertainment services for living spaces while offering operational benefits for the managers.

The Schréder Tunnel demonstrated how our Advanced Control Solution enables tunnel operators to control every lighting point to ensure complete safety with even more energy savings and operational benefits. Visitors could see how the control solution dimmed or increased the lighting levels as the luminosity outside the tunnel altered or as the speed at which the traffic was travelling changed while respecting the CIE norms.
This advanced system also enables managers to alternate the luminaires switched on for an even longer lifespan. 
Thanks to an open communication protocol, the Schréder Advance Tunnel Solution can interact with other tunnel equipment such as fire detection devices, traffic management systems or emergency exits to programme responsive safety scenarios for optimal safety.

The entrance, exit and aisles of the Schréder industrial hall were fitted with sensors. Managed by a control system, the lighting levels changed according to the presence of the visitors as they moved around the hall. As they moved forward in one direction, the lighting levels in that area increased while the luminaires behind them were dimmed.
Our solution perfectly illustrates how companies can provide safety and comfort for employees to boost productivity as well as cut energy consumption, extend the lifespan of the lighting and offer an efficient management of the network at the same time.

As sports fans across the world continue to be enamoured of huge sporting events and the ambitious new infrastructure that goes with them, the Schréder stadium showed visitors how they could create smart sports venues with lower operating costs that deliver a first-class experience for players and fans with a second life as a business, community or entertainment hub.

We continue to push forward technological innovations for the luminaires lighting our roads and streets. The Axia 2, the ultimate multi-purpose luminaire, providing a cost-effective solution for those looking to reduce energy costs, was launched at the fair. The Axia 2 offers all the advantage of LED lighting, without the high costs associated with LEDs.
The Zela and the Kazu, providing indirect and direct lighting solutions for creating ambiance, increase our large portfolio of luminaires dedicated to pedestrian areas. 

The new Owlet IoT platform showed that it is not only the most advanced and user-friendly luminaire remote management system, it also enables cities to easily enter the era of IoT. It collects and transports data coming from all kind of sensors (weather, traffic, air quality…) to enhance the overall performance of the outdoor lighting installation while becoming the central element of a smart environment.

These are just a few of the innovative solutions that we showcased on the stand.

Our brand promise ‘Your Partner Beyond Light’ means first and foremost that we go the extra mile to serve our customers, explains Didier Wellens, Chief Executive Officer of the Schréder Group. It reflects a true commitment of our entire company to provide more than lighting solutions, to address customers challenges and help them to fully achieve their dreams, visions and objectives. Our dedication to creating beneficial partnerships has been at the heart of our core values for over a century.”

Our partnerships with companies such as Cleverciti, E-Wald, The Cloud and sixData, are further proof of our commitment to help you to create connected environments with engaging and intuitive experiences for the users of your spaces while taking advantage of strong operational benefits.

For those who could not visit the stand, please take a virtual tour of the stand and discover how Schréder, Your Partner Beyond Light, can help you.

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