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Schréder illuminates award winning "Through the walls" light trail in Brussels

Ideal tool for projecting unlimited number of light forms with precise adjustment on-site and helping the lighting designer achieve the desired effect

Schréder illuminates award winning "Through the walls" light trail in Brussels

03/11/2013, Corporate News | Project News

The Saint Jacques district is a historic area of Brussels with some of the oldest streets. In the 12th century, all the craftsmen and pilgrims gathered in this area as they visited the Saint Jacques Hospice. Over the centuries however, the area lost its charm as it was swallowed up by the phenomenon of urbanisation.

Recently, the area has become a new emerging neighbourhood with the city’s art and design crowd. Keen to develop this renaissance, the neighbourhood committee in collaboration with Atrium Brussels Centre, the city of Brussels and the lighting design agency Radiance35 launched a lighting plan to encourage people to visit this area and boost business.

The main objective was to create an unique identity for the area and was based on a three-fold approach:
- redesigned public lighting (with white lamps instead of high-pressure sodium)
- unified shop windows and
- scenographic lighting.

The scenographic lighting composes an artistic light trail of images projected on different façades, inviting people to look up and admire the remarkable architecture in the area. The images by the Italian collective of artists, Zimmerfrei, depict everyday life inside the buildings and are highlighted by our Focal floodlights equipped with a gobo.
The Focal is ideal for this type of lighting project as it can be adjusted on-site for a precise distribution while the gobo systems enable an endless number of light forms to be projected.

This innovative and fun lighting project has certainly evoked interest and attracted many visitors to the area!
Such is the originality of the project that the lighting design agency Radiance35 has won 2 prizes this year; the Special Jury Award from the French Association of Lighting Designers and Engineers and the Award for Public Contract Work from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

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