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Dynamic illumination for emblematic project in the heart of Concepción, Chile

Lighting helps to redefine university experience and creates a vibrant atmosphere for city centre

Dynamic illumination for emblematic project in the heart of Concepción, Chile

18/07/2013, LED | Project News

A dynamic lighting scheme bathes the façade in a multitude of colours, rhythms and sequences

The FIUC building of the University of Concepción in Chile is one of the most important buildings of this prestigious University. During the devastating earthquake in 2010, the building suffered considerable damage. The University wanted to renovate the building to become an architectural icon in terms of design and energy efficiency.

Schréder worked in collaboration with the lighting designer Maria Soledad Neumann to create an illumination with maximum impact for this key edifice. The result is a dynamic, moving and colourful façade to reflect the energetic mood of this progressive university. This concept has been achieved by 60 BaroLED and 4 Neos LED floodlights fitted with a DMX control system which bath the building in a myriad of colours, rhythms and sequences. The lighting can be programmed to create different atmospheres for the various festivities taking place in the city throughout the year.

This bold lighting design, a first for the city of Concepción, also had to be environmentally friendly. The lighting concept was dedicated to efficiency with very low power consumption.

This modern vision of lighting has certainly made its mark on the University and the city of Concepción, receiving a positive response from students, staff and the local community.


This vibrant lighting scheme has a very low power consumption
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