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How to light

How to light Highways

Energy efficient lighting installations for highways must provide safety for high speed and eventually heavy traffic. Colour rendering aspect is of secondary importance.


How to light Residential Streets

Residential street lighting must take into account the needs of the different users: drivers, pedestrians and cyclists. Residential lighting must also create a sense of security - it is important that these users feel safe in their environment at night.


How to light Pedestrian Crossings

A pedestrian crossing must be lit so that approaching drivers can clearly see pedestrians crossing a road. A visible contrast must be created while providing visual comfort for motorists and pedestrians to help share the public space in a safer manner.


How to light Monuments

Illuminating monuments highlights heritage, creates ambiance, reinforces pride and identity in a town or city. The light however must be controlled to avoid any potential problems of glare for pedestrians or drivers moving around.


How to light Sports Facilities

Illuminating a sports facility presents many unique challenges that often depend on the type of sport or activity. Universally, all sports lighting must prioritize the comfort and safety of the athletes as well as spectators.


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