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LED Generation by Schréder

A generation of luminaires that is innovative, intelligent and responsible

LED Generation by Schréder

Schréder LED Generation


  • 25 LED luminaires for "the right lighting”
  • All sectors of activity: road, urban, tunnel and illumination
  • Powerful photometric engines
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reliable solution
  • Upgradable technology


The LED Generation… For Schréder, it is innovative, intelligent and responsible.

We have developed a complete range of LED luminaires across for all our sectors of activity:
street lighting, urban lighting, tunnel lighting and illumination.
These products reflect our desire to continue to provide “The Right Lighting”, by offering technological solutions that make this new light source a valid alternative to traditional sources.

To do so, we have developed concepts that will make LEDs the new instrument of our ambition - to offer the lighting solutions of tomorrow. 

We have developed 2 photometric engine concepts to cover all types of road and urban lighting.

Oriento®/ OrientoFlex® - a photometric system that maximises LED performance

Oriento® is a photometric system based on precise focusing of LEDs. These systems are fitted with lenses that have been selected down to the very last detail. Each LED associated with a lens can be independently focused. It is a combination of all the LEDs that creates the overall light distribution.
Oriento® makes it possible to maximise luminous flux on the road while avoiding any potential light disturbances such as intrusive light.

A variant of the Oriento® concept further ensures total flexibility in terms of lighting. OrientoFlex® enables the number of LEDs to be changed as well as the way in which they are focused, in order to respond to a wide range of road lighting applications. The flexibility of OrientoFlex® also allows settings to be made according to the specific needs of each project. It means that specific requirements can be met in terms of lighting, and particularly taking account of the surroundings.

Oriento®/ OrientoFlex® - a photometric system that maximises LED performance

LensoFlex® - a photometric system for use in urban areas  
 LensoFlex® builds on the flexibility offered by a selection of lenses, with the goal of creating ambiances and meeting the needs  

In order fully to control the performance of LED luminaires based on this concept, Schréder has specifically designed a range of lenses that ensure flexibility of the photometric engine.
Thanks to the range of photometric solutions for creating lighting ambiances, the LensoFlex® system is particularly suitable for urban areas such as streets, avenues, parks, public places and cycle paths and for the well-being and security of people living in towns.

For Schréder, advancing durable and responsible solutions that optimise energy and lighting benefits is a non-negotiable commitment.

The performance of our photometric, thermal and mechanical designs are clearly aimed at reducing the energy used for meeting the required lighting levels, respecting applicable international standards, throughout the entire usable life of the luminaire.

LED luminaires developed by Schréder demonstrate remarkable photometric performance. For example, with the Senso luminaire installed on an M4-classifed road, and adhering to CIE 115, the power needed to meet a steady lighting level of 0.75cd/m² is 0.6W less per m² of roadway and per required cd/m².

In order to respond to concerns about minimising environmental impact, Schréder products are developed to comply with the Product Environmental Profile certification (PEP) that fully analyses the whole product life-cycle, from design to recycling.

As part of offering reliable, durable and effective solutions, Schréder has developed two concepts.

ThermiX® - up to 80% of luminous flux guaranteed for a minimum of 60,000 hours

Thermal management of LEDs is a crucial aspect in terms of the luminaire's reliability. Controlling lost heat is essential for ensuring the LED lasts a long time by maximising effectiveness and preserving luminous flux over time.
Schréder has developed a concept - ThermiX® - which is based on optimising several parameters in the thermal management of LEDs:
• thermal compartmentalisation between the LED and electronic control gear
• direct wiring: lost heat takes the shortest route between the source and outside
• the optimised design of the heat exchange surface with the outside
• the printed circuits on which the LEDs are fixed and connected (PCBs) are fitted with a temperature sensor that avoids any accidental overheating.

When designing our LED luminaires, we use sophisticated thermal simulation software early on to determine the future behaviour of the luminaires. Before going into production, further measures are implemented - first on the prototypes and then on initial samples.
The ThermiX® principles used in our LED luminaires enable an initial 80% luminous flux to be maintained over 60,000 hours of use, up to a maximum ambient temperature of 35°C.

ThermiX® reduces the running temperature of the LEDs  

  LEDSafe® - effective protection to last longer  
 LEDSafe® completely seals the photometric engine, preventing water and dust ingress LEDSafe® is the progression of Sealsafe® system and completely seals the photometric engine. This concept ensures lighting performance is maintained by avoiding dust and water from getting into the optical compartment. 

FutureProof - Schréder’s upgradable concept

Since LEDs are always undergoing technological development, Schréder has devised upgradable luminaires for road lighting. Our luminaires already benefit from the latest developments in electronics, photometry, materials and, naturally, LEDs; in addition, the design of our latest versions responds to concerns over adapting to LEDs yet to come.
In our most recent advances, both the photometric engine and the electronic assembly have been designed to be replaced at the end of the LEDs' useful life, in order to take advantage of future developments in this technology.
FutureProof, devised by Schréder, highlights our desire to offer solutions that will last over time and will adapt to technological change.

FutureProof to accommodate future innovations


To learn more about the LED Generation by Schréder, download our dossier.

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