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This multi-faceted city invested in the latest lighting technologies to ensure safety, comfort and a sense of pride for its inhabitants while reducing its energy and operating costs. Proof that wise investments in lighting can transform public spaces.



Split was the scene for the world first LED urban lighting installation. Schréder rose to the challenge of providing a LED solution that combines photometric performance and visual comfort.


Soto del Real

Soto del Real has been completely transformed by a new lighting plan which aimed to replace all of the town’s luminaires with LED technology to improve the quality of lighting and to reduce energy costs as well as the town's environmental footprint



Rome is history. The Eternal City deserves a night-time image equal to the emotions it evokes in our minds. Schréder applied its know-how to enhance the nocturnal landscape.


Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is a city that inspires dreams across the world. Schréder contributes to bringing this dream to life, at night, by lighting many of the remarkable sights to be discovered in this city.



Porto is a city of contrasts, a city where artistic heritage mingles with funky contemporary architecture. Light identifies and preserves this cocktail of urban structure.



Paris, the original city of light continues to lead the way by lighting its streets and many monuments with the latest technologies and ecological concerns.



Leuven is proud of its past and its heritage. Schréder helped this city obtain the nocturnal image it deserves, that enables it to emphasise its identity in terms of tourism, culture and heritage.



Bordeaux was one of the first cities to adopt a lighting plan. Schréder’s urban street lighting range found a field of expression in this urban landscape as a real partner of the city.



Berlin is a city that combines romantic lighting with modern concepts of performance and sustainable development. From east to west, the city fluctuates between light and shadows.

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