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Spirit of Innovation

Sealsafe®, miniaturised reflectors, Memphis... We actively pursue intense R&D studies to provide leading innovations for the lighting industry

Spirit of Innovation

Innovation to provide better lighting using less resources


Today, like yesterday, Schréder positions itself as a partner in lighting, always using the upmost technological innovation. Schréder was the first to introduce anodised aluminium reflectors and vacuum metallised reflectors.

Schréder invented the µR® (micro-reflector), followed by the miniR®, miniaturised reflectors optimised for new generation small lamps, which opened the way for more compact housings needing fewer materials, thus preserving natural resources.

Another new concept introduced by Schréder is the multi-layered reflector HiR® (High Reflect). Unique in public lighting, these reflectors make it possible to achieve a reflection coefficient of 95% and a gain in luminance of 10 to 15% when compared with anodised reflectors. This procedure has been improved further with the new generation HiR2® multi-layer reflectors.



Schréder also invented the Sealsafe® system - a global reference for optical compartment tightness level. This system enables an incredible level of internal cleanliness to be maintained throughout the life of the luminaire. If the optical compartment remains clean, it means that the photometric performance of the luminaire can be maintained without the need for maintenance. Since the initial light output can be maintained, it is no longer necessary to increase the power of the lamps to overcome light loss over time. This feature results in real savings in terms of energy and cost, particularly since it is well known that it is the energy consumed over the lifetime of a luminaire that constitutes its greatest environmental and financial impact.

The Sealsafe® system has been further developed and optimised.

Combining the system with self-cleaning glass, as we have done in the Furyo range of luminaires, has enabled us to achieve a maintenance factor of close to 1.

In order to determine the quantity of useful light appropriate for the type of surface, Schréder developed the Memphis mobile reflectometer, which makes it possible to take easy and reliable measurements of road surfaces.

Schréder threw itself into the LED revolution by creating the LED Generation of LED luminaires which offer solutions that are efficient and intelligent, comfortable and elegant, reliable and long-lasting. We have developed powerful photometric engine concepts to cover all types of road and urban lighting.

The Oriento® and OrientoFlex® maximise the luminous flux on the road by meticulously orienting the LEDs.


The LensoFlex® builds on the flexibility offered by a selection of lenses, with the goal of creating ambiances and meeting the needs of urban lighting.

ThermiX® and LEDSafe® are two concepts that we invented to offer reliable and durable solutions.

ThermiX® reduces the running temperature of the LEDs and ensures that after 60,000 hours of use, at least 80% of the light output is still maintained.

LEDSafe® is the progression of the Sealsafe® system and completely seals the photometric engine, preventing water and dust ingress.

All of our LED luminaires are FutureProof to accommodate future innovations.

Our luminaires are also compatible with remote management and dimming systems for maximum energy control. We offer the OWLET remote management system whose advantages include its open-source nature, two-way transmission and the use of the ZigBee protocol.

Our research into achieving the greatest levels of light output continues as intensively as ever, since controlling the energy costs of lighting equipment is an ongoing challenge, both for ourselves and our customers.



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