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Schréder lease solutions

Schréder lease solutions

Convert to a smart environment today with no upfront investment 

Whether you manage roads, streets, residential areas, squares, parks, car parks, ports, stadiums or industrial sites, an intelligent lighting solution incorporating LED luminaires and smart control systems by Schréder could help you to:

  • reduce energy costs by up to 85%;
  • cut maintenance costs;
  • decrease CO2 emissions to meet 2020 targets;
  • improve the management of your lighting network;
  • enhance visibility for better safety and
  • create ambiance and civic pride.


In collaboration with Econocom, who has over 40 years of expertise in financial solutions, we can help you find the perfect lease solution so that you can implement the latest technology and reap the benefits without the need for a large capital investment.


Why financing your lighting network is the right choice  

With limited financial resources, gaining access to new technology can seem impossible.
A lease agreement could be the ideal solution.

All lease agreements are tailor-made so that the generated energy savings either outweigh or drastically reduce the monthly lease payments.

The lease agreement can include hardware as well as software solutions, installation and other services.

With our trusted financial partner Econocom, we will provide you with a customized lease plan that is in line with the return of investment period.

Thanks to the significant energy and maintenance cost savings, the positive cash flow or short payback period will enable you to progress and innovate.


With a Schréder lease solution, you can make that essential investment now

Contact us today to adopt a lease solution and transform your living spaces into safe, comfortable, sustainable and smart environments.

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