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25/07/2013, LED | Switch On

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St. Nino’s church in Philippines, ravaged by typhoon and newly lit by Schréder, visited by Pope Francis

26/01/2015, Corporate News | LED | Project News | Switch On

Pope Francis paid a visit to St. Nino Church during his stay in Tacloban city on 17th January, the typhoon-hit city in Philippines. Schréder provided a complete lighting solution to celebrate its recent restoration which Pope Francis was able to admire.


Schréder provides an intelligent lighting solution for the pilot “Smart Street of Tomorrow”

25/02/2015, Corporate News | Innovation News | LED | Switch On

In 2014, Schréder with the city of Vilvoorde, Eandis and the Living Tomorrow Group launched a project to demonstrate smart lighting for the future. The goal was to implement the latest technologies to minimise energy consumption and guarantee safety.


Schréder illuminates the majestic Palacio de las Cortes in Madrid with a sustainable lighting solution

06/03/2015, LED | Project News | Switch On

This new lighting scheme has transformed the prestigious Palacio de las Cortes into a remarkable landmark to enhance the landscape of the Spanish capital whilst strengthening the city’s identity with generous energy savings of 75%.


Schréder provides an intelligent LED lighting solution to combine safety for visitors and respect for the natural environment

06/07/2015, LED | Project News | Switch On

The city of Tessenderlo in Belgium chose a Schréder LED lighting solution incorporating detections sensors to light the Gerhagen natural domain. The light only works when visitors are present to preserve the local fauna whilst ensuring safety.


Resounding success for the Shuffle at New Mobility World

29/09/2015, Corporate News | LED | Product News | Switch On

Your Partner Beyond Light, Schréder launches the Shuffle that will play a pivotal role in helping managers of public and privately-owned spaces to engage people with their environment, creating social cohesion, boosting trade and fostering civic pride.


Schréder launches the easy to use LED CONTROLLED BY NATURE solution offering constant light and maximum energy savings

09/10/2015, Innovation News | LED | Product News | Switch On

A firm believer that the cheapest energy is that which is not consumed, Schréder has developed a solution that takes full advantage of LED technology to balance daylight and artificial light to ensure the required lighting levels at all times.


Schréder has supplied more than 29,000 luminaires to Plymouth City Council for a citywide street lighting upgrade scheme

20/10/2015, LED | Project News | Switch On

Plymouth is one of the first cities in the UK to replace all its street lights with LED luminaires, making it a landmark project. It is expected that the new LED lighting scheme will lead to a saving of more than £1 million a year.


Energy efficient lighting solution provides safety and ambiance for the Loi Tunnel, Brussels

05/11/2015, LED | Project News | Switch On

Schréder and Mice provided a complete solution with the SCULPline integrated into the guardrails and sound-absorbing panels to enhance the aesthetic quality and safety of this busy tunnel. The result: an eye-catching feature with 50% energy savings.


Schréder provides energy efficient and robust LED lighting solution for Anglo American Coal Dragline Excavator

08/12/2015, LED | Project News | Switch On

Due to the machine’s excessive vibrations and the fact that it is continuously operational, this lighting project required a solution with easy maintenance and long maintenance intervals. The OMNIstar offered the ideal solution.

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