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Public lighting: switch it off or smarter lighting?

From the seventies, certain authorities have at different intervals switched off public lighting to generate energy savings with a risk to safety. With today’s smart technology, it is possible to maintain a service and safety level whilst saving energy.


Optimum safety with Schréder LED tunnel solutions

Schréder LED tunnel luminaires sealed with flat glass are superior to luminaires with lenses that are in direct contact with the atmosphere. The glass protector ensures better safety for users, reduces maintenance and contributes to energy efficiency.


LED Generation by Schréder

LED Generation is a generation of Schréder LED luminaires which offer solutions that are efficient and intelligent, comfortable and elegant, reliable and long-lasting. This range of luminaires for all sectors of activity, provide “the right lighting”.


Lighting and Crime

Does improved street lighting help to reduce crime, and the fear of crime? At Urbis we firmly believe that it does.


Light Trespass

Outdoor lighting has increased dramatically over the past 30 years. But this often comes with the unwanted side effect of light pollution.


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