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Urbis Schréder - a UK based supplier you can trust to deliver

Our aim is to retain a personal touch with our customers to help build effective long-term working relationships.
This aim is achieved through our on-going commitment to delivering affordable, high quality, low energy exterior lighting products, backed up with reliable service and after sales support.

When we guarantee our products, it's based on realistic assessments of their expected lifetimes, giving our customers peace of mind. For example, independent tests have confirmed our Sealsafe® system is still maintaining the performance of our HID luminaires after 25 years in use. Continuing this commitment to supplying long-life, we now have the LEDsafe® system, which is used in our latest range of LED luminaires.  


Our service commitment to customers

To ensure you receive the most reliable support on every scheme, we offer a number of services from our Basingstoke office, including:

·         A warehouse facility allowing direct deliveries to your site in the quickest possible time

·         A dedicated team of highly trained lighting specialists to offer you practical advice on how best to meet your exterior lighting objectives. Tailored CPD seminars are also available

·         A team of customer service support staff who are always available to ensure every scheme is installed smoothly.

Our team of sales managers is on-hand to visit and offer advice and support in liaison with our technical experts. Find out about your local contact.

We also have a design office located in Leeds, which provides technical support for customers in the North and Scotland.


Supporting the local community

We are actively involved in supporting local community initiatives, such as giving young people the opportunity to engage with local engineering businesses through the Engineering Development Trust’s ‘Community Investor scheme.

We have also sponsored many studies promoting how good lighting can reduce crime and the fear of crime, to help make our communities better places to live in.




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