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LED Generation

Urbis offers the LED Generation, a generation of luminaires that is innovative, intelligent and responsible

LED Generation

Urbis - Leaders in exterior LED lighting technology

We know that customers are looking for low cost, low carbon exterior lighting solutions that match, or exceed, the lighting performance provided by traditional HID luminaires.

Our latest range of LED luminaires is part of our 'LED Generation' initiative, which involves a significant investment in developing LED solutions that meet these requirements and more.


LED Generation luminaires are efficient, intelligent and reliable

'LED Generation' is based on 4 key principles, which are embodied into the design of all our LED products.

1. Low energy lighting. We help you to calculate the greatest potential savings in terms of both operating costs and CO2 emissions. Our Axia LED luminaire uses our 'LED module' technology to deliver potential savings of over 60% in energy costs and CO2 emissions, compared with HID luminaires. 

2. High performance lighting. Our powerful photometric engines (LensoFlex® and OrientoFlex®) provide the ultimate in flexibility and are capable of delivering the required lighting level in the most effective way to meet the customers' requirements. 

3. Offering reliable solutions. By combining superior thermal management and sealing the photometric engine, our LED luminaires are guaranteed to maintain 80% of their light output for over 60,000 hours.

4. Future proofed technology. Our LED luminaires are designed to adapt to future technical advances, so that users can further maximise their savings and take advantage of performance improvements over time. This covers electronics, photometry, materials and of course the LEDs.

Customers can now take advantage of our range of LED luminaires which cover:

  • Residential street and road lighting
  • Urban spaces, from squares to parks
  • Tunnel lighting
  • Floodlighting of buildings and monuments 


To learn more about the savings achievable from LED luminaires please, read our dossier dedicated to this subject.

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