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About Us

About Us

"Total Lighting Solutions"

Urbis Schreder has been providing high quality lighting products since 1977 and has since grown to be one of the UK’s largest suppliers of street lighting and exterior decorative lighting equipment.

Technical quality and aesthetic design are at the heart of our philosophy and coupled with our customer focussed work ethic, has led Urbis to develop the most cost effective, energy efficient exterior lighting innovations on the market today. 



Why work with Urbis Schreder?

The answer is simple. By constantly taking the time to understand customer needs, we have developed a range of high quality products and services that deliver truly effective, energy efficient exterior lighting solutions. This includes both LED and HID luminaire design, covering a wide range of applications.

By working in partnership with us, you can take full advantage of the following benefits.




 Affordable lighting solutions

  • Ensure your capital budget goes further with our range of cost effective lighting solutions.
  • Upgrade existing Urbis lighting stock with our 'LED module' technology and reduce capital costs.
  • See the options available.

 Reliable technical advice and service support

  • Customers value and trust our technical team's ability to identify the best solutions.
  • You will also get all the support required from our customer service team.
  • Access a full programme of CPD seminars designed to empower you.


 Low life time costs - energy and carbon

  • We work with you to minimise the running costs on every scheme, from energy consumption to routine maintenance.
  • Our Axia LED luminaire will deliver savings of over 60% in energy costs and CO2 emissions, compared with HID luminaires.

 High quality and performance guarantees

  • Take advantage of LED luminaires which provide a minimum lifetime of 60,000 hours, a guarantee you can trust to be accurate.
  • New LED photometric engines provide high quality, cost effective lighting.
  • Learn more about our new LED technology.








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