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About Us

Schréder is a multinational lighting group, specializing in outdoor lighting and is represented in 33-countries throughout the world. Encouraged by the potential the Australian lighting market presents, Schréder has decided to directly enter into this market. Schréder Australia (Pty) Ltd was established in February 2015. Although already well known in various territories, Schréder is now directly represented in Australia showing our commitment to this very important market.

Providing energy-efficient lighting solutions is one of the group’s top priorities. Schréder has been embracing the LED and smart control technologies and is at the forefront of LED Optic/Lens and luminaire design. The Schréder Group’s goal is to offer intelligent and responsible solutions that add value to our customers’ specific requirements.

With its wealth of knowledge and support, Schréder is perfectly positioned as Australia’s first choice when it comes to a value-add lighting partner, no matter in which implementation phase of your outdoor lighting project. Customers can be assured that the Australian entity will offer a complete range of outdoor lighting solutions covering segments such as Road and Urban, Industry, Tunnel and Sport, to name but a few.

The Schréder Group has a proven track record of being the preferred partner in numerous large infrastructure projects around the world. This illustrates that there is an abundance of expertise, skills, technical support and commitment to successfully provide our Australian customers with high-tech solutions, which have been engineered and adapted to meet the harsh environmental conditions found in Australia.

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