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Alameda da Estação - Trofa

Schréder provides a sustainable lighting solution to create safe and vibrant public spaces at night for this regeneration project

The city of Trofa has reclaimed 42,000m² of land to create a new district - Alameda da Estação - to ensure that the city centre remains attractive and liveable for local residents. The new area which was once home to a railway station and yard has been transformed to offer 13,000m² of green spaces with 250 trees, more than 17,000m² of pedestrian areas, 730m of bike paths and 700m² dedicated to sports and recreational activities with trampolines, a skatepark and basketball court. At the centre is a large open space where different open air events such as concerts or exercise classes can take place.
To enable the residents to take full advantage of this area, the local authorities entrusted Schréder to deliver a lighting scheme that would ensure safety and comfort for all at night while contributing to an harmonious aesthetic ambiance.
The Piano Midi lights the bike paths and pedestrian areas. The refined design of the Piano perfectly integrates the landscape and provides a bright and uniform light during the night.
The powerful OMNIstar floodlight installed on 12m high poles lights the large open space, skate park, basketball court and car parks to limit the number of lighting columns and keep the spaces as free as possible so people can move around without hindrance.
Piano and Douro LED luminaires light the access roads to this new area.
To complement this project, the St. Martinho de Bougado Church in north Alameda, has been illuminated by a new lighting scheme. The SCULP floodlights fitted with warm white LEDs create a visual contrast between Alameda and the Church.
The entire area is lit by LED luminaires to create safe and vibrant spaces that encourage people to enjoy the facilities at night. In addition, the long life of the LEDs with low energy consumption and maintenance requirements, ensure a sustainable solution that will last for a long time.
The local authorities and residents are delighted with the new district which is now prettier, more comfortable and safer than it was before.

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