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Schréder provides an intelligent lighting solution for the pilot “Smart Street of Tomorrow”

Schréder provides an intelligent lighting solution for the pilot “Smart Street of Tomorrow”

25/02/2015, Corporate News | Innovation News | LED

In 2014, Schréder with the city of Vilvoorde, Eandis and the Living Tomorrow Group launched a project to demonstrate smart light

Living Tomorrow is an innovation centre in Brussels to demonstrate visions of the future. It is a meeting place for pionneering companies to show visitors how their products and services will improve the quality of living and working in a near future.

Schréder, in collaboration with the city of Vilvoorde, Eandis (a Belgian electricity and gas supplier) and the Living Tomorrow Group, has supplied a lighting solution to demonstrate the Smart Street of Tomorrow which will enable cities to generate up to 60% energy savings while ensuring safety.

This pilot lighting scheme comprising the Teceo 2 with the Owlet remote management system has been installed along a 1km strip of the Indrigingsweg in Vilvoorde (a suburb of Brussels).
This 2 lane road has a bike path of each side as well as a pedestrian pavement.
To guarantee safety and comfort for all users, the Teceo is equipped with 2 optical units and 2 drivers which enables only some of the LEDs to be lit when a cyclist or pedestrian is detected and the whole luminaire when a bus or car is driving is using the road.

The entire scheme is managed by the Owlet remote management system which adapts the light according to the traffic density.
Four cameras with optical and thermal recognition were installed; one at the start and one at the end of the road with 2 cameras at the entrances of 2 buildings.

When there is no traffic, the lighting levels are reduced to 15%. As soon as the camera detects movement from a pedestrian, cyclist or motorised vehicle, the lighting levels go back up to 100% for perfect visibility. This smart lighting solution ensures optimal safety for all users while reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions by 60%!

The pedestrian crossing in front of the Living Tomorrow show room is lit by 2 Neos Zebra LED luminaires fitted with white and amber coloured LEDs. When the pedestrian crossing is not being used, only the white LEDs, dimmed to 15%, are lit. As soon as the camera detects a pedestrian, all of the LEDs are switched on at 100%. This mixture of colour offers maximum visibility to increase safety for pedestrians. 

This intelligent lighting solution offers other advantages such as the ability to manage and monitor the luminaires individually. For example, if an accident occurs or the weather conditions become more dangerous, the lighting operator can immediately adapt the lighting levels to the needs of the area at that time. The operator will also be informed if a luminaire is defective to optimise maintenance operations.

Schréder is proud to have participated in this unique concept by providing an intelligent lighting solution that demonstrates that it is possible to significantly reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions while guaranteeing safety for all.

For more information on the Living Tomorrow concept, visit http://livingtomorrow.com/en/home

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