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Schréder Gulf, Partner of the City of Tomorrow 

Since the Schréder Group first established a company in Lebanon back in 1969, Schréder recorded many successful lighting projects in the Middle East, including the luminaires for the first street lighting installation in Jeddah (1973), most of the lighting of the Holy City of Mecca, including more than 150,000 luminaires for the Menna Tents, The Arafat & Muzdalifah Pedestrian Walkways in Saudi Arabia, North Road and Salwa highways in Qatar,...

To provide an even better service for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and Iran, Schréder Gulf was founded  in Abu Dhabi (Mussaffah Industrial Zone) in June 2007 and delivered over 20,000 luminaires during the first two years.

Today, Schréder Gulf has a full sales network and highly qualified lighting design engineers to assist in the development of designs and photometrical studies. Moreover, Schréder Gulf can offer an outdoor lighting design service for both its customers and their lighting designers. It has the know-how to deliver bespoke products to give its clients the unique touch they require for their projects.

As member of an international Group with more than 40 companies, Schréder Gulf has access to "Best Practices" in R&D, Manufacturing, IT, International Studies and Safety Testing. Our School of Knowledge in Light and Lighting  (SKILL),  based  in Liège (Belgium), not only provides lighting seminars for internal teams and customers but is also able of organising locally specific training seminars and workshops covering many topics such as LED Lighting, Remote Management, Tunnel- and Road Lighting, Urban and Architectural Lighting.

Moreover, Schréder Gulf new luminaires manufactured locally are tested at random in Schréder Certified Laboratories at R-tech facilities in Belgium, prior to delivery to the customer.  This testing and verfication procedure covers the Photometric Performance, Electrical Safety, Dust and Water Ingress, Performance under temperature, Impact resistance, Mechanical Characteristics, Corrosion resistance, Resistance to vibrations and ensures that the products delivered to our customers meet the highest standards of quality, performance and reliability that our customers expect from Schréder.

Schréder Gulf, 40 years of service in the Middle East ! We will implement the solution best suited to your needs.


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