Schréder lights the famous Shanghai Bund!

Schréder provides a lighting scheme worthy of the prestigious landmark - The Bund in Shanghai.

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Schréder lights the famous Shanghai Bund!

25/02/2011 - Case study News | Product News

The Inoa lights the Bund like a string of pearls

Lining the Huangpu River, the Bund is home to dozens of historical buildings of different architectural styles that house banks and trading houses from all over the world. Just over a century ago, the Bund was a pedestrian area, where traders could walk from their ships to the custom houses and back. However some years later, a ten lane road was constructed, resulting in an unpleasant, heavily congested area. 

Eager to promote tourism and to preserve the city’s historical and cultural heritage while improving urban infrastructure, the city’s authorities decided to implement a major renovation plan in 2010. A six-lane tunnel was built beneath the Bund, the public transport network was improved and a remarkable 40% of the land was recovered for public activities.

As a place that locals and tourists like to flock to for sightseeing, leisure activities and celebrations, it was essential that the lighting scheme respected the aesthetic ambiance and energy concerns.

The local authorities liked the aesthetic design of the Inoa luminaire which bears a resemblance to the city’s emblematic flower, the magnolia. Moreover the photometric efficiency of the Inoa with visual comfort, on-site photometric adjustment and energy savings impressed the city and 197 Inoa luminaires were installed to light the 14m wide and 1.5km long pedestrian promenade. By night, the Inoa luminaires light the Bund like a string of pearls, in total harmony with the surroundings. 

The authorities were convinced by the aesthetic design of the Inoa 

The modular optical compartments of the ModulLum luminaire that swivel 360° with a HOT LEGS of light distributions made it the ideal solution for lighting the façades of the buildings facing the Bund. More than 40 ModulLum Midi luminaires equipped with 70W metal halide lamps with a ceramic arc tube were installed, directing the light to exactly where it is needed. 

The ModulLum luminaire was chosen to light Huangpu Park, the oldest and smallest park in the city at the northern end of the Bund, thanks to its photometric flexibility and discreet integration. With its system of stackable optical modules, the ModulLum made it possible to obtain good photometric results with no need to multiply the number of lighting points. Fifteen ModulLum Midi luminaires with 2 optical modules fitted with 70W metal halide lamps with a ceramic arc tube guide visitors through this green setting.

Shiliupu Docks, a stone throw away from the Bund, is the city’s oldest wharf area. More than 180 Hermes luminaires was installed to light this ancient shipping hub, converted into a water tourist centre on a 10 metre platform, protruding from the river bank. The Hermes is fitted with a blue cover between its luminous wings as the lighting designer wanted to create a nocturnal ambiance with the blue, cloud shaped rooftop of the new centre.

Residents and visitors are delighted by the nocturnal ambiance of the renovated Bund!

Discover these installations and others featuring the Nemo columns in nearby Lujiazuiin in the video below.