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Owlet smart solutions

Owlet is the range of smart control solutions offered by the Schréder Group that enable cities to reduce their energy bills by up to 85%

Owlet smart solutions

Smart control for efficient lighting



Why choose Owlet smart solutions by Schréder?  

1.  To generate energy savings of up to 85%
The Schréder Owlet control systems avoid over-lighting and a waste of energy thanks to smart features such as


2.  To improve operations management
The report system allows you to monitor and assess your lighting installation independently and provides the necessary information to wisely manage the network throughout its lifetime.
By limiting maintenance operations, you will reduce your operating bills and minimise traffic disturbance.

  To provide light on demand and only when needed
Lighting public spaces when they are not being used is a waste of energy. Dimming scenarios and light-on-demand features can adapt the lighting to the real needs of the place and the time.
Motion detection sensors that can operate on either individual lighting points or on a complete network.
Each luminaire level can be configured individually with several parameters such as minimum and maximum light output, delay times from minimum to maximum and duration of ON/OFF times.

4. To ensure reliability
Our user friendly interface enables an optimised operational management of costs and services.
By monitoring every luminaire, the Schréder Owlet systems prevent failure by detecting problems (broken lamps, device temperature, surges…).
If problems arise, the system switches to a default programme ensuring that the lighting installation does not turn off.


Schréder offers a variety of control solutions to adapt your lighting schemes to provide safe, comfortable and sustainable environments:

Stand-alone solutions

Autonomous network

Interoperable network

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