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About Us

About Us

Lighting solutions adapted to your local needs 

Keselec Schréder is a member of the Schréder Group. The member and affiliated companies share facilities and powerful tools for R&D, manufacturing, IT activities, international studies, safety testing, marketing and communication. 

Light occupies a predominant place in our lives and it is therefore essential for us to have full control over it. It is not only indispensable and reassuring in everyday life but also vital to our safety on roads and motorways.
The real art is to light accurately, using precise photometric distributions, at the same time ensuring absolute visual comfort. 
Keselec Schréder has its own capabilities and all the necessary autonomy for initiating and implementing solutions best suited to the Indian markets. It deliver a complete range of high performance lighting solutions for lighting cities, illuminating monuments and façades, lighting tunnels, sport fields or halls, subway stations, industrial lighting, transit lighting, office and task lighting.

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