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Quarteira - Loulé

Ambiance, improved lighting and energy savings!

As part of a regeneration plan, the Thylia transformed the Quarteira district of Loulé, Portugal. The city authorities wanted a lighting scheme that would create a warm nocturnal atmosphere and improve the feeling of security with substantial energy savings.
Installed in the same position as the old lanterns (fitted with 100W high-pressure sodium lamps and electromagnetic ballasts), the Thylia luminaires are equipped with 60W and 90W Cosmopolis lamps and electronic ballasts which offer higher illuminance levels and a better overall uniformity. The electronic ballast also enables the luminous flux to be reduced by 25% for a 4-hour period during the night when the area is calm, generating energy savings.
The luminaires provide a pleasant white light and optimum colour rendition to create a convivial and authentic ambiance. The IP 66 tightness level maintains this performance over time.

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